Last Call for Long & Short

I saw yesterday that we have 28 pairs so far, 32 pairs would be a convenient number to close at, and the closing date is next Monday, last day of July, so try to grab one of those last 4 places…..

Sheets up in the main hut

Long and Short Details

This long and short competition isa handicap pairs competition, open to all members.

  • Any Combo: man + man, lady + lady or man + lady.
  • You could even play with your better half!?
  • Same Playing Rules as The Noeleen King.
  • Men, this involves long & short jacks and a 4, 3, 2, 1 scoring system.
  • The Whole Event will take place in one week, 4th to 10th September 2017.
  • Players must be available to play all/most of that week.
  • Closing date: 31-Jul-2017
  • Entry fee of €5 per person must be paid before playing.

If interested please email or enter you names on the sheet in the clubhouse.
Pay either Peter Knight, Pat Wall or Josephine Lennon.

Two-wood Pairs competition, using the Noeleen King playing format:
Two Long Jacks, Two Short Jacks, etc, etc – Jack replaced if moved.
4 points for nearest, 3 points for second, 2 points for third, 1 point for fourth.

First team to 80 points (plus handicap).

Add team handicaps together, subtract the lower total from the higher, and then double the difference. So the team with the lower total have to reach 80 points and the team with the higher total have to reach 80 plus the difference x 2.

The end where one team reaches 80 (or 80 plus handicap) shall be the last end.
In the event of both teams reaching their target in the same end, an extra end shall be played, without handicaps, to decide the winner of the game.



The Long & Short Competition

Last year we launched/experimented with a new club competition called The Long & Short Club Pairs

Due to its success, it will be running again this year, only this time the whole competition will run in one week, which is Mon 4 to Sun 10 September 2017

And remember, this is the only pairs competition where you can select your own partner….though please think of the consequences (long and short) when doing so….

It is also the only pairs competition where you score points for the nearest, second, third & fourth bowls….so lots of points to be scored, Yippee!

Also the only club competition where handicap differences are doubled – what!?