Buying or Selling Bowls


What Bowls Suit You?

Experiment with bowls of different sizes and weights to see which are the more comfortable for you. You should borrow them from the club’s stock or club members who will be happy to offer advice.

New bowls can be expensive and newcomers are usually advised to get a second-hand set first until they understand the game better. Above all ensure the bowls you go for feel right and are comfortable to play with. More detailed descriptions of selecting bowls can be found on


The Billiard Company, one of our sponsors have an extensive range of Drakes Pride bowls equipment. Bowlers can visit their shop at 111 Marlborough Street Dublin 1 or shop online at heir website. They Billiard Company will deliver and offer a click and collect service.

Mary Kenny agent for Taylor, Henselite & Emsmorn. Tel: (01) 4938715, (087) 6440062 email

Ballybrakes Bowls are located in Northern Ireland and will supply south of the border at a easonable cost. RoI agent: John Murphy (086) 3835789.

Sports Den, Navan, Co. Meath, No postage costs for orders over €100.

Mike Flanagan, is located in Wales. The price of used bowls on the site include post/packaging within UK, and the extra to ship to Ireland works out at £17.50. He will also supply new bowls but prices do not include post/packaging which works out £27.50 to Ireland on a 3/4 day service.

Selling Bowls

Any club member is selling a set of bowls please email me,, I will arrange to have the information posted on this page.

Please send me the following:

  • a description of the bowls
  • a photo of the bowls
  • your contact details, email address and phone number

Items For Sale:

  • Blazer with Westmanstown Crest size 39″- 40″ Long
  • Grey Trousers Waist 38″ 33″ Long
  • White Bowling Trousers
  • White Rain Gear
  • Taylor Bowls size 4 with bag

Please contact Pat Cummins at 087 223 1048 for full details.