Winter Tuesday Rinks


On Tuesday last prizes were presented to those with top scores in the post-Christmas Tuesday Rinks. In first place was Caroline Blake with Michael (Skip) Lynch and Sean Hynes in second and third place.

Thanks to all who took part in our first winter season at North Kildare and to the staff who made us feel very welcome in our new winter home.

It looks like there may be a delay in opening the green in Westmanstown and North Kildare have  kindly offered to allow us to use their rink until our rink opens.

Thanks to Caroline for the photos.


Preseason at North Kildare

Preseason at North Kildare

Eyes Down

I’d like to extent a special thanks from Westmanstown Bowling Club to the management at North Kildare who generously allows us to use their green for our preseason preparation. This will be a useful as we get ready for the new season and especially for those members not bowling outdoor during the winter.

It was decided to introduce an element of competition to the preseason preparation and what better way to do this that to pit the ladies against men. Going into today’s final practice the contest was evenly balanced at 5 points each. So it was down to the last practice session and the men eventually came out on top winning 2 rinks while one was drawn and the ladies won 1.

Thanks to all who took part and made the matches so enjoyable.