New Members

Like all vibrant clubs we need a regular addition of new members. Many prospective members have no previous experience of playing bowls and are unsure if the game right for them.

We provide all equipment beginners need to play bowls including shoes and bowls. There is also an open day every spring and this gives prospective members a chance to try out the sport on our bowling green.

As you have probably gathered we are very proud of and put a lot of effort and expense to keep our bowling green in pristine condition. Therefore all new members are monitored closely to ensure they are wearing the correct footwear and do not damage the green while learning the basics.

All prospective members are given a number of coaching sessions and will be approved before becoming a full member.

We offer new members a very attractive reduction on the annual fees for the first year.

If you can make the open day we’d be very happy to meet you and give you a taste for this great sport of bowls.

If not please make contact with our Ladies or Mens captain to arrange an introduction coaching session.

Ours is a very welcoming and friendly club so if you think you might like to play bowls please make contact.