Rules For Club Competitions

  1. The first named player or pair in competition will be known as the Home team and the second will be deemed to be the Visitor. Each player or team will be responsible for arranging the fixture at a date and time suitable to both parties.
  2. For single matches the Home player will arrange for the presence of a marker for the match. Please note that only members of Westmanstown Bowling Club may mark club matches.
  3. When there is a choice of rinks, the Visitor will make the selection and will toss a coin and call to decide who has the mat.  Where more than one club match is scheduled, a draw must be made for rinks.
  4. BLI and LBLI fixtures will always have preference in choice of rink.
  5. All single matches, except where specified, will be to 21 shots and a marker is required. For the Noeleen King trophy the winner must obtain 91 shots and the matches will be conducted according to the special rules for that competition.
  6. Handicaps will count in all competitions with the exception of the following: Ladies and Mens Championships and Noeleen King Trophy.
  7. In handicapped Singles competitions the lower handicapped player must get 21 shots to   win and the higher handicapped must get 21 shots plus the difference in handicaps. Mixed Pairs matches will be played to 18 ends including the final. After the required number of ends has been completed in pairs matches, half the difference between the total handicaps of the higher will be added to the score of the lower handicapped team to decide their final score, e.g. at the end of match between two pairs whose handicaps total 10 and 4 respectively, half the difference, i.e. 3 shots will be added to the score of the lowest pair.  If half the difference contains a fraction, it will be rounded up to the nearest whole number. The Australian Ladies & Mens Competitions will be played over 14 ends
  8. All games will commence with the scores at zero.
  9. In the event of a tie after the required number of ends in a Pairs match, an extra end will be played.  A coin will be tossed to decide who has possession of the mat for the extra end.
  10. All Pairs matches will be played with four bowls per player, with the exception of the mixed pairs which will be played with two bowls per person.
  11. On completion of a match, the winner must ensure that the score card is signed by his/her opponent and placed in the competition box.
  12. When a match has been arranged for a mutually agreed date and time before the deadline date for that round on the fixture list, the arranged date will become the new deadline date for that match and must be entered in the booking diary at the Bowling Notice Board
  13. If following reasonable attempts by the either player it has not been possible to come to a mutually agreeable date for fulfilling the fixture the competitors must present themselves at the bowling green at 6.30pm on the deadline date to play the match.
  14. Extensions at the discretion of the Competition Secretary up to a maximum of seven days may be allowed only in exceptional circumstances. If after the seven day extension the match is still not played the Competition Secretary shall eliminate the persons/teams that in his opinion has not fulfilled the fixture. Any player who wishes to appeal the Competition Secretary’s decision must do so in writing to the relevant committee.
  15. To claim a walk over, the claimant must allow his/her opponent 15 minutes grace from the agreed start time on the deadline date.  A scorecard must then be completed stating.

(a) Claimant’s name (b), Opponent’s name, (c) Competition, (d) Date and Time and (e) Signature of witness.

  1. Only the Competition Secretary may enter the results of a claim for a walkover on the fixture list.
  2. Arranged fixtures must be entered in the booking diary on the appropriate day stating the names of the participants and the time.
  3. Morning matches should start at 11.00am, afternoon matches at 2.30pm and evening matches at 6.30pm.  All matches arranged for the afternoon must be completed   before the next session. The draw for rinks shall take place 15 minutes before the normal starting times for matches i.e. 10.45am 2.15pm and 6.15pm.
  4. In the event of a person scratching from a pairs event by reason of illness or other grave reason the decision re substitution will be considered by the Competition Secretaries, and they alone, where they consider it justified, will arrange for a substitute according to BLI rules.  The substitute shall have the same or lower handicap as the original player.
  5. All complaints, appeals or objections must be submitted in writing to the Competition Secretary.  Verbal submissions will not be entertained.
  6. In all disputes, pertaining to club Competitions, the Competition Secretaries shall decide on the matter.  In the event of the decision of the Competition Secretary’s being challenged, the matter shall be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision shall be final.
  7. Members entering the club championships should be aware that the winner will be expected to make him/herself available to represent the club in the Champion of Champions competitions the following summer.
  8. Members must not enter any club competition if they will not be available to play on the published final days.  In unforeseen circumstances, as soon as a member becomes aware that he/she cannot play in the finals of any competition, the Competition Secretary must be informed without delay.
  9. Regardless of precedent all finals shall be played on published finals date.
  10. In a singles match any finalist unable to compete on finals day will forfeit their position and the other competitor is deemed the winner. No substitutes allowed in a singles match.
  11. A match may only be stopped, due to inclement weather or darkness, by the agreement of both teams. In the event of a match being stopped it must be completed within five days.  Normal LBLI and BLI rules shall apply.
  12. Both the Ladies and Gents pairs shall be played in the Australian Pairs or 2-4-2 pairs format. The format is as follows:

In the first end of the game the A players lead off with 2 bowls each, then the B players play 4 bowls each, before the A players complete the end with their final 2 bowls. The A players act as lead and skip in the same end. In the second end the roles are reversed with the A players being in the middle. This alternating pattern continues through the game which is over 14 ends.

Members are reminded that all competitions should be played in a spirit of friendliness, and consideration for others, and normal bowling etiquette should always be observed