Club Rules

  1. No member shall enter any BLI/LBLI competitions as an original entrant or as a substitute without having been ratified and agreed by the Gents/Ladies Committee.
  2. If a member dies on the Rink the rink immediately closes for the day. On the day of a Members funeral all club activities home and away are suspended for the total of that day.
  3. Only fully paid up members of Westmanstown Bowling Club shall be allowed to mark any match played on Westmanstown Bowling Green without permission of the Executive.
  4. All BLI and LBLI matches starting at 11.00am, 2.30pm, or 6.30pm have priority over all friendly matches, club matches and rinks and must be given choice of rink. The Sunday and Tuesday rinks have priority for rinks over club competitions.
  5. No Club matches shall take place during the “Long and the Short” Week when that competition is taking place without permission of the Competition Secretaries.
  6. When Ladies Div 1, 2 and Gents Div 2, 3 matches are being played only LBLI and BLI games may be played at the same time. This would not apply to postponed or cancelled LBLI or BLI matches.
  7. If a league match in white is being played, then other players must also be in whites. However, it would be unfair to expect club match players to be in white if their match clashed with a cancelled match.
  8. All motions to Governing Bodies must be ratified by the Executive.
  9. All matches shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport as laid down by World Bowls and/or with any club rules which may be introduced by the membership.