Code of Conduct

The Westmanstown Bowling Club (WBC) is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. WBC believes that it is important that everyone associated with WBC (including officials, club members, bowlers, parents and young people) should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of WBC.

Everyone associated with WBC is expected to:

Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants and refrain from any form of discrimination against others (including age, gender, ability, race, cultural background or religious beliefs or sexual identity).

  •  Respect the rules and decisions of officials.
  • Avoid bullying, the use of bad language or making offensive remarks (including inappropriate use/abuse of social media or networking websites and mobile technology), making racial/sectarian references, and general inappropriate behaviour.
  • Refrain from taking illegal drugs or being involved with the use of illegal substances/activities.
  • Not be involved in inappropriate behaviour due to the intoxication of alcohol.
  • To never condone rule violations, cheating or any of the above behaviour from others associated with WBC.
  • Not let any allegations of abuse of any kind to go unchallenged or unrecorded if appropriate.
  • Be fully aware of child protection issues and protect themselves from inappropriate situations or any false accusation
  • Report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations for youth members and ensure parents/ guardians are informed.
  • Report accidents or incidents of alleged abuse or poor practice to the appropriate officals.
  • Treat everyone fairly and ensure they feel valued and avoid favouritism.
  • Maintain confidentiality about sensitive information.
  • Always respect opponents and be gracious in defeat.
  • Show appropriate loyalty, be positive, approachable and offer praise to promote the objectives of WBC.

Everyone associated with WBC has a right to:

  • Enjoy bowling in a safe, happy and protective environment.
  • Be listened to, respected and treated fairly at all times.
  • Participate on an equal basis, appropriate to their ability.
  • Privacy.
  • Be protected from any form of abuse from others and support in the reporting of suspected abuse.
  • Be protected from slanderous, derogatory or inflammatory remarks, including those made on Social Networking Sites.
  • Access to professional support services.
  • Not to be left vulnerable when working with young people.
  • Access to ongoing training and information on all aspects of leading/managing activities for youths, particularly on Safeguarding.
  • Fair and equitable treatment by WBC.

The club should offer young people a positive experience where they can learn how to play bowls in a safe and positive environment. In particular, young people are expected to:

  • Behave and listen to all instructions from the team manager.
  • Not get involved in inappropriate peer pressure and push others into something they do not want to do.
  • Show respect to other junior members/leaders and show team spirit.
  • Not consume alcohol (under 18 years).
  • Challenge or report bullying or any inappropriate behaviour against your peers.
  • Be supportive and committed to other team members.
  • Play fairly and be trustworthy.
  • Keep themselves safe at all times.

Parents/Guardians have the right to know that their child is safe and to be informed of any problems or concerns relating to their children (including when their child is injured). Their consent should be sought for issues such as trips etc. Parents/guardians are expected to:

  • Show appreciation and behave responsibly on the side lines.
  • Use correct and proper language at all times.
  • Acknowledge the importance and role of the team manager and officials.

The Westmanstown Bowling Club reserves the right to discipline anyone who is in breach of this Code of Conduct.