Easter Message

Hi fellow bowlers,

As we face an unusual Easter I hope you are staying safe and for those of us who are cocooning let’s keep up the spirits and the exercise.

We’ll need to be fit to resume our bowling with enthusiasm once we get the green light.

I wish you every blessing at this time and look forward to meeting you all soooon!!

God bless and stay safe.

John Fleming
Club President

Message from the Men’s Captain

Happy Easter, I hope that you enjoy your eggs, bunnies and other forms of chocolate over the weekend….whilst of course continuing with your exercises, short walks and cleaning your bowls.

Please click to see a video, a reminder good times which will return.

Now that the weather has turned so lovely it makes it even more difficult to stay in and of course not to bowl. But the news is full of stories of naive, foolish people who think they cannot be affected by this virius, but the truth is simple: the more that people go out, the longer the virus will last and the more people will be put at risk.

Every aspect of the Westmanstown Centre will be abiding 100% to the Gov guidelines!

Your executive will meet as soon as we can and abiding by all the health warnings will decide when it will be ready to open our Green.  

Just think of the great condition our green will be in when we finally get the all-clear….

We are still waiting to hear from the BLI re decisions on the leagues and other BLI matches this summer, we expect to hear soon.

Hopefully our younger members are able to contact our over-70 members to see if they need any help with shopping etc

Many thanks to all the What’s Appers for keeping us entertained.

Please stay safe, take care, enjoy your Easter!

Oliver Meyler
Men’s Captain

Club Unfurling

As the date of our club unfurling has come and gone I just want to send you all my best wishes.

We do not know how long the present tough times will  last but good bowling days will come again.

We have to be patient when it seems things are not going as we would like. Take care, stay healthy and keep your sunny side up!

 Special greetings to all.

Lady Captain