Charity Shield 2018


Gent’s preseason preparations are continuing. After a win a Skerries during the week we were brought back to earth by Ierne who won well in our match in Sportslink on Saturday afternoon.

Danny Brennan is pictured above reluctantly accepting the wooden spoon from Irene’s Des Kane.


Unfurling Day 2018


We had a mild and dry day for the Unfurling on Sunday last and the ceremony to mark the start of the new season was conducted by the President John Fleming and the Captains Carmel Kearns and Oliver Meyler. They then rolled the first bowls of the season as is tradition and members enjoyed a short roll up with the usual noisy competitive spirit and good craic all round.

The green however is still recovering from the awful winter and will NOT be in play this week. The target day for bowling to start is Tuesday next 17th April and this will be confirmed closer to that day. The protective sheets must be used until further notice

Also please remember; only enter the green, with your bowls, using the steps in the corners of the green.

The good news for tomorrow is that our good friends at North Kildare BC are allowing us to use their green again for our Tuesday rinks, so see you there at 10.30.



Preparing For The Club Flag Unfurling

The club flag unfurling will take place this Sunday 8th April at 2.00pm, to open the green for the season ahead. Our President John Fleming and Captains Carmel Kearns and Oliver Meyler will perform the ceremony.

This is a great opportunity club members to catch up and hopefully have a bowl, although the Greens Committee will decide on the day if the green is playable.

It’s also an opportunity, for those who have not already done so, to pay the annual subscription, sort out our entries into BLI/LBLI competitions and think about which club competitions you might want to enter. Also our Open Day is coming up shortly we will asking for your help to promote this improtant day.

There will be refreshments on the day and we look forward to seeing you there.

As with all our activities this day cannot take place without help of many members behind the scene. The Greens Committee put out a call for help to prepare the rink for unfurling day. Many thanks to John Flynn and his team who were ably assisted by a great group of gents who answered the call, well done lads!