Winter Bowls


The winter league season 2018 / 2019 has started and is available to all members of Westmanstown Bowling club. This year we are entering 3 teams. Teams A & B are playing their home matches at North Kildare while Team C is playing their home matches in Aer Lingus. Please click through for details of the panels.

Panel A Panel BPanel C

As the teams are finalised details will be available on the following links:

Team ATeam B Team C

This year the northern section is split into 2, section 4 and section 5. Team A will play in section 4 while B & C will play in section 5. Below is a list of the Westmanstown fixtures  prior to Christmas and full details of all fixtures and rules can be found on the website – All Weather Bowling Association.

10-Nov Section 4
Meath v Westmanstown A
Section 5
Westmanstown C v Skerries A
Westmanstown B v Clontarf
17-Nov Section 4
Westmanstown A v Aer Lingus
Section 5
North Kildare B v Westmanstown C
24-Nov Section 5
Skerries A v Westmanstown B
Clontarf v Westmanstown C
01-Dec Section 4
Ierne v Westmanstown A
Section 5
Westmanstown B v Westmanstown C
08-Dec Section 4
Westmanstown A v Ierne
Section 5
Westmanstown C v Westmanstown B
North Kildare B v Clontarf

For members joining North Kildare for the winter Tuesday roll-up are under way. Please bring you subscription on Tuesday if you have not already paid. Your subscription will cover all home league matches and there will be a €5 fee for away matches.

For those playing out of Aer Lingus the practice day is also Tuesday and green fees of €4 are payable on the day. A fee of €5 will be payable for home and away matches.

Please note rule 17 has been added this year in relation to burnt ends and it reads: If an end is burnt the jack must be re spotted on the full length T mark. We will adopt this rule in the Tuesday roll ups.

I hope you enjoy your winter bowling wish you all the best for the coming season.