We are delighted to advise members we will be running the very popular Long and Short competition again this year.

It will be a Cup and a Shield Competition. The entry fee is €5 per person payable to Robbie or Iris in cash, by Revolut or Bank Transfer.

To enter please complete the Entry Form or email, text, or whatsapp Robbie Breen (087 6426936) or Iris Buchanan (086 8436077 ) on or before Friday 10th September.

You can choose your own playing partner or have your partner chosen at random by the Competition Secretaries.

There will be no handicaps in 2021. Teams beaten in the first round will enter the Shield Competition so that each team will have at least two matches. It will be two-wood pairs competition, using a Noeleen King scoring/playing format. Firstly two long jacks, then two short Jacks, etc, etc. 4 points will be awarded for nearest wood, 3 points for second, 2 points for third, 1 point for fourth.

The team that scores the 4 points has the mat in the next end. The winner is the first team to score 80 points.

The end where one team reaches 80 shall be the last end. In the event of both teams reaching their target in the same end, an extra end shall be played, to decide the winner of the game.

The jack is placed on a golf tee and replaced during the head if moved. If a bowl moves the jack and covers part/all of the tee, the jack must go back onto the tee, so the bowl is placed touching the jack in the nearest possible position.

Subject to the number of entries received it is anticipated that the Competition will run from Monday 13th September to Saturday 2nd October 2021.

Proposed Calendar:

  • First Round matches are to be completed by Saturday 18th September,
  • Second Round matches are to be completed by Friday 24th September
  • Quarter Finals to be played by Tuesday 28th September
  • Semi Finals to be played by Thursday 30th September
  • Finals to be played on Saturday 2nd October.

All matches are play or concede by the deadline set for each round.