Copmetition Rules


Rinks for matches should be booked through the new booking system. There will be 6 rinks available. There will be a draw for rinks if more than one match is scheduled in a session.

You must also text the result of your match to Robbie Breen 087 6426936 for the Men’s Singles and Men’s Pairs and to Iris Buchanan 086 8436077 for the Ladies Singles and Ladies Pairs.  The result of the Mixed Pairs matches can be sent to either.  Score cards can be posted in the Competitions Box in the equipment hut.

Please adhere to the dates for each roundYou must play or concede by the specified dates.

Gents Singles and Ladies Singles

  • Games to be played using 4 bowls.  The first player to reach 21 points is the winner.  
  • There will be 2 trial ends.
  • Handicaps do not apply.
  • Each player must play one match against every player in their group.
  • Two points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw.
  • A marker is required for each match.  Markers should be aware of their duties.
  • The final positions in the group will decide how a player progresses in the next round.
  • If players finish on equal points, then the player with the best points difference will decide the order.  If players are still equal on points, then the highest points scored will decide the order.
  • In the event of a dispute the Competition Secretaries will adjudicate.

Mixed Pairs / Ladies Pairs / Gents Pairs

  • These are knock-out competitions.
  • Games will played over 16 ends with each player using 3 bowls.
  • There will be 2 trial ends with players using two bowls each.
  • Handicaps do not apply.
  • If the score is level after 16 ends, then an extra end should be played to decide the winner.
  • Games must be completed by the specified date.
  • In the event of a dispute the Competition Secretaries will adjudicate.